ICMC Celebrates International Peace Day, 2021


The world has continued to be ravaged by armed conflict and strife, from Asia to Africa, from the Americas to Europe. Wars, terrorism, and various forms of criminality have resulted in huge numbers of refugees; with hunger and impoverishment nearing world war levels. In Nigeria and other parts of West Africa, armed conflict, political instability, insurgency, and widespread banditry resulting in the loss of lives and wanton destruction of livelihood have continued to bedevil a society already overburdened with economic downturn occasioned by an unrelenting COVID-19 pandemic.

Institute of Chartered Mediators and Conciliators (ICMC) joins other advocates of peace around the globe to celebrate the International Peace Day. As an institution dedicated to advocating the use of Mediation, and other dispute resolution methods in fostering peace, dialogue and reconciliation, we recognize that conflicts are inevitable and that peace is necessary for all levels of human interaction.
As the entire world continues to recover from the devastating effects of the pandemic, we must remember that we all have a duty to transform the world into a more equitable, peaceful, inclusive and healthier world.

Happy International Peace Day!

Dr. Agada John Elachi
President, ICMC


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