My ICMC Mediation Story #3


I really want to appreciate the ICMC team for taking out time and ensure the success of this life-transforming training. You are all wonderful people.  The display of skill and patience was admirable. Initial I thought the trainers were supernatural beings, doing the impossible, but before the end of the training it became clear that it’s a matter of knowing yourself, what is expected of you and determination to ensure a peaceful co-existence among different people.

One way I have been impacted is that my relationship with people has greatly improved, I see myself forgiving without being asked for forgiveness. To me now there is no point having grudges or quarrel with people for whatever reason. I have learnt to take life easy.

Before now I used to be very impatient with people and do not love much stories. But today because of the ICMC training, I am now very patient, even in listening to what someone has to say.

I now speak in a gentler manner without the use of foul language, harsh words or even abusive words, rather I appreciate people just the way they are. I make everyone around me feel recognized and important.

My Children now have more confidence and confide in me. My relationship with them is much better than what it used to be.

Because of these changes, two of my coworkers have picked interest and promised to go for the training when they have the money to do so. And my pilot said the training is indeed worth going for.

For the very first time I settled a dispute that would have torn a church into pieces at my own expense and the parties are so happy with me and have much respect for me now. One of the parties that brought the matter to me was grateful to God that he did the right thing.

In my family now everybody inclusive of my siblings, mum, uncles and Aunties always want me to intervene in their matter, they all report issues to me as they are sure of impartial handling of the matter.

Words will fail me if I want to say my experience within this short period.

Once again, thank you so very much is all I can say. And I wish to be a practicing well known and trusted mediator in the nearest future.

Participant, ICMC Mediation Skills Accreditation and Certification Training in Asaba


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