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Mediation is a discipline which is intimately related to the concept of welfare. Over recent years, the democratic societies have obtained a group of liberties which allow their citizens to enjoy new areas of welfare. As a counterpart, however, the imbalances and differences between subjects generated by these social habits have triggered a multitude of new conflicts; and that’s where mediation plays a crucial role. This social tendency means that professionals dedicated to mediation are currently in high demand, both in the business field and also in the personal field, be it within the family, school or residential neighbourhood.

This mediation course provides the possibility to broaden knowledge as well as application of theories, methods and techniques relating to conflict resolution and mediation. During the course we will learn what mediation is, how intercultural conflicts are generated and how to address them in a positive way from a multi-cultural perspective. We will see that communication – among other resources – is an essential element in conflict resolution and we will discover what the role of the mediator is and the techniques they must employ to not only act during conflicts but also prevent them before they appear.

30 hour (4 week) online course

Price: 90 euros for the general public, 80 for unemployed people or university students.

To sign up you must fill in the form via this link and follow the instructions to pay the inscription fee.

About the teacher:

Pedro Maya Álvarez is an anthropologist, businessman and specialised consultant on digital education project management. He is currently Technical Director of Divulgación Dinámica S.L. He has developed many projects in collaboration with different companies and institutions within the framework of European programmes and initiatives. He also has extensive experience of training technicians and professionals.

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